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I know that since my erm, "comeback" that I'm not quite as active as I may have used to be when I would previously create my Simpsons based artwork. I also know that I'm not really all that outspoken of a person either, so I'll try not to type your eyes out too much. Simply put, I have a full time job now. So as you may guess: it leaves me with less time to draw. Not to mention I still draw other things outside of this account, so that even leaves less time for this account.

I can assure you though, I am still around here. In my quiet little corner drawing away a Simpsons [Who am I kidding? it's mostly Lisa/Maggie related] art piece or two. Sisterly Shenanigans will be coming out every so often as it used to, and there will be the occasional sketch/artwork of our dearly lovable little nerd, as well as probably a few of the lovably devious, but crafty little sister of hers here and there too. As well as a few other characters I'd like to throw some more personality at, like the One Eyebrow Baby Kid [aka Gerald] and his relationship with Maggie and more of the other kids in Maggie's Elementary Years. As well as the kids, now teens, in Lisa's teenage years. I kind of want to build a world around their new age and try to make the characters just as memorable and funny as their counterparts within the show. But of course, my main focus will stay on mostly Maggie and Lisa, but it will also eventually include the life and world around them. Kind of see life from their respective perspectives, in no particular order in time. Just as the ideas for my drawings come along, I suppose.  

On the subject of drawings, is there anything that any of you would like to see? Characters? Relationships? Future Sisterly Shenanigan prank ideas? Maggie or Lisa drawings? Give me some ideas in the journal comments, I'd like to see what ideas you all may have and maybe be inspired by them. =]

One more thing! Before I go, I want to do something that I think would be pretty fun for all of us. I want to try doing an "Ask" type of thing, where you can ask Lisa or Maggie questions. Post your questions either in the main comments section, the ask submissions folder comments, or in the drawings themselves; and I will answer back with a drawing of the character, with a fitting reaction and reply to any question. And you can ask any variation of the characters like: Lisa, Teen Lisa, Child Maggie, etc. [If you have a Tumblr, you will be very familiar with this concept]

Here's an example:…

I will be sure to answer any and all questions with a drawing, every few days. So keep them coming! And I hope you enjoy this little bit of RP art, as well as my future artworks. =3


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